Rainy days, guilty pleasures.

Gene Kelly

On a day like today – rainy and uncharacteristically cold for late May, in my drab office, at my desk cluttered with papers – sometimes all you can do is just think about the little things.  So I’ve compiled a list of guilty/not-so-guilty pleasures to make this day go a little faster.  Stay tuned later this week for my next article from the Jewish Advocate, and hopefully more creative posts than the ones I’ve been sharing with y’all lately.

Gotta love:

1. Long car rides.  Windows down, radio on.

2.  Bookstores.

3.  Getting on a plane to fly anywhere but here.

4.  Getting on a plane to fly home.

5.  New music.  Old movies.

6.  The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  You’re allowed to judge me for this one.

7.  Being kissed in an elevator.

8.  Playing the “Would You Rather?” game, because it makes you feel like you’re 12 again.

9.  Strutting down the hall in heels, just to let people know you’re there.

10.  Fried pickles.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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