Happily boring.

Lasso the Moon

We could be happily boring.  You know, together I mean.

We could wake up in the morning and lounge around in our pajamas until it’s no longer an acceptable time of day to be adults in their pajamas.  We could know how to fix each other’s coffee, down to the percentage of the second Splenda packet you should put into mine and the color of yours when mixed with cream.

We could drive to Snappy Salads without holding hands – which would be okay, because holding hands is a special, un-boring occasion now – and after you’ve selected all your salad fixings and paid for mine and yours, you could signal to me with your free hand that you’re going to go find us a table outside in the sun, and I could nod, yes, that’s a great idea.  And then we could sit there and eat our salads, mostly in silence, commenting every now and then on something we might do later.  Or not, depending on if we felt like it.

We could go to the grocery store and roam the aisles together, debating on which of the four pasta recipes I know how to make I could cook tonight, wondering if this could be the month we attempt to go vegan, just to say we did.  When we park our car outside of our house, we could systematically carry our bags into the kitchen and unload them quietly, putting the food in the fridge without getting in each other’s way.

We could walk around our neighborhood together.  I could try to persuade you to go to yoga with me.  You, as leverage for attending the class with me, could try to coerce me into seeing a thriller at the movies later that night.  We decide to do neither, but we could have the conversation again next weekend.

We could watch television after dinner, once the dishes have been washed.  We could sit on the couch with my feet on your lap and your hands on my knees.  At ten we’d be tired and go into our room and get ready for bed.  We could reminisce on younger days, more lively days, but not in a regretful way.  We could still be young again sometimes, too – we could be one another’s fountain of youth.

We could be happily boring.  You know, together.

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2 Responses to “Happily boring.”
  1. Miss. Zoe says:

    Wonderful , I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Thanks!

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