I’ve decided to take a new approach.

Originally, I planned to write this blog as a serialized fiction story about two friends who have an ambiguously romantic, unrequited relationship.  But, truth be told, fiction scares me.  I don’t have enough confidence in myself as a fiction writer to bring two people to life.  However, I’ve been missing having a writing project in my every day routine, and that, with the encouragement of loyal readers and friends, has led me to a resolution of sorts for 2012: to try this thing again.

The cliche in the writing world is to “write what you know,” and so I’ll be using that approach when I move forward with this blog.  I’m just going to simply write things about my own experiences with love (or lack thereof), and dating, and everything else, in the hopes that its somewhat interesting and maybe entertaining and even just a little relatable.  Everything I post on here will be real feelings or thoughts or musings or stories, and you can choose to do with them or think of them as you wish.  As always, if you like what you read, pass it on.  Subscribe to the blog, as I won’t be posting on Facebook (yeah, I’m honest to a fault, but I don’t need the entire social network following this, too).  And if I haven’t posted in a few days, by all means, nudge me.  I need the encouragement and the reminder that someone actually cares to read any of this!

So with that, ready or not, here goes round two…

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One Response to “Renaissance.”
  1. A Male Attendant says:

    Out of all the interesting things I could concentrate upon in this blog post, not the least of which being that I feel as if I seem to find myself currently in a similar situation to that of your proposed fiction study (that is a topic of another conversation), of course the only thing here on which I am able to focus is a precariously misplaced “its” where a much more appropriate, indeed required, “it’s” would have been proper. Verbose? I think not.

    Also Judith, glad to see that you are finally able to admit to the world your only useful character traits: getting male attention.

    TTFN, my love. Keep up the writing – sage advice I seem to forget all too often.

    – I think you should be able to parse from whom this post is, mayhaps? Mayhaps not… I’ll give you a hint: my first name is nearly a palindrome and my last strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies, and lust into the loins of my women (I wish).

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